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  1. kokoesquire
    kokoesquire at |

    Copa has really low advertised fares on flights from Orlando/Miami to Panama. Like under $300 r/t. What’s the deal?

    Since they are so similar to Continental, can I use my USAirways frequent flyer account to rack up the miles? Also, I wasn’t really interested in going to Panama, but in light of the fare, I may do Costa Rica, Bogota, Quito.


  2. MARK
    MARK at |

    I looked through the pictures of your trip (both this post and the one before it). You take soooo many pictures of food. It’s really hilarious. You must love to eat.

    Do you just go from meal to meal to meal on these mileage runs? And, being on a plane for much of the time, do you gain wait easily?

    These are serious questions…not trying to bust on you.

  3. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    @koko – Copa is currently not in StarAlliance; they are an independent carrier with bilateral partnerships with a few other carriers, including Continental. They also use OnePass as their loyalty program. But because they aren’t part of *A you cannot earn Dividend Miles (or any other *A program points) while flying on them.

    As for where to go with them, I’d definitely consider Panama City. It is easy and relatively cosmopolitan as a destination and there are a number of very cool things to see in the area, from the Amador Causeway to the Miraflores Locks to Casco Viejo to Calle Central. Definitely worth spending a long weekend there.

    @MARK – Yes, I eat a lot. I love good food and I enjoy documenting airline food for no apparent reason. Particularly in foreign countries many of my adventures are just interludes between meals. There is something particularly enjoyable for me about finding and dining on local cuisine along the way.

    Fortunately I manage to walk around the places I’m visiting or otherwise get a bit of exercise along the way so I don’t put on too much weight. I’m a bit heavier than I was 6 months ago but I blame that on just not visiting the gym enough. That should change this month though.

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