Headed to Hawai’i

For a guy who doesn’t really love Hawai’i I seem to go there an awful lot.  It is hard to complain too much when the airlines offer up a $250ish fare from the New York City area as it is a trip worth a bunch of miles, but I generally don’t really enjoy being there.  Of course, I blame that on having stayed in Oahu, specifically in Waikiki Beach, when I get there.  I know that there are supposed to be better bits to see and this time around I’m finally going to give that a try.  I’m headed to the Big Island.

Today’s trip is a four flight affair, starting with a departure from Newark at 6am and finishing with a puddle-jumper flight from Honolulu to Hilo scheduled to arrive at 8:30pm tonight.  Just enough time at each connection to hop into a lounge or two for a snack and then on to the next flight.   Assuming everything connects OK (which seems pretty likely so far) I shouldn’t have any troubles other than the fact that it is about 20 hours in transit from my apartment to the bed at the other end.

Map from the totaly awesome Great Circle Mapper tool

Perhaps the best part about the first flight today (EWR-SFO) is that the plane is mostly empty.  Normally when flying on United Airlines I’d perform some sort of “upgrade flirt” at the counter or in the lounge to try to get a seat in the Economy Plus section for free (I know it is coming soon enough with Continental OnePass reciprocity but I’m impatient) but this morning I didn’t even bother.  The First Class cabin may be booked full on this A319 but the back is wide open.  There are at least 10 half rows that have one or zero customers seated there.  I traded my seat up near the exit row for 22E, a middle seat in the back.

Just after takeoff I was happily asleep in my lie-flat coach seat, trying to imagine if it would really work with a second passenger cuddled up next to me as Air New Zealand thinks they’ll be able to sell with their new SkyCouch seats.  And I still don’t see it working, at least not for customers over 5’ 6” tall.

I awoke from my 3+ hour snooze to one of the more disgusting views I’ve seen on a plane.  This:


Seriously, it isn’t your house.  I know that it isn’t particularly crowded on board this morning but keep your feet down.  Yuck!

Only 15 hours yet to go on this trip.  Plenty more nap time and writing time to come.

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