Massive cancelations for Wednesday across the mid-Atlantic

There is serious snow due in the mid-Atlantic – stretching from Washington, DC to New York City – between this evening and tomorrow.  Depending on which forecast you believe the accumulations will range up to 18” in various areas.  And the airlines are pretty much just giving up.  The realize that odds are they won’t actually be able to operate anywhere close to on schedule so they simply aren’t bothering to try.  Here are some of the highlights from a couple carriers.

Continental: (details)

  • LGA – All flights canceled effective 8am Wednesday, February 10
  • EWR – All flights canceled for February 10 except for the three long-haul arrivals already in the air (TLV, DEL, BOM) when the decision was made this afternoon
  • PHL – All flights canceled until at least Wednesday night
  • PIT, BWI, DCA, IAD – All service canceled until 11am Thursday, February 11
  • PVD – Likely cancelation of service to CLE on the afternoon of February 10


will suspend the majority of operations to and from the following cities for Wednesday, Feb. 10 due to a forecasted severe winter snowstorm:

  • John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia in New York City
  • White Plains/Westchester County Airport
  • Newark Liberty Airport

It seems that only one runway is expected to be in operation at Dulles and nothing at National.  Newark is going to be pretty much shut down.  LaGuardia and Philly, too.  I’m really glad that I’m not flying during this mess.  I just hope that the system is functional enough by Sunday that my flights are operating.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Seth – Maybe you comment or do a post on what seems like the change in decision making for these cancellations. Do you think the airlines are being more pro-active in just shutting things down based on prior experience in getting caught with planes out of position, people stranded on planes, etc or is it the airports really pulling the strings and shutting the airports down pending a natural disaster ? I an further north so we handle the snow better and not sure what is really going on down there.

    Great blog, keep up good work.

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