New seat maps coming to Continental booking

As part of their efforts to monetize the extra leg room provided in certain exit and bulkhead seats, Continental Airlines has introduced new seat maps for their online booking engine.  The new maps are prettier than the old ones and they have the added bonus of identifying the extra leg room seats on the maps so folks booking will know which seats they won’t have access to until check-in, at which point they’ll have to pay more money for the pleasure of sitting there.

Which seats are “special” on the continental fleet?  It depends on the plane type (the unlabeled plane in a 757-300):

Fullscreen capture 382010 80422 PM

Fullscreen capture 382010 80335 PM

Fullscreen capture 382010 81056 PM

Fullscreen capture 382010 80401 PM

Fullscreen capture 382010 81245 PM

Fullscreen capture 382010 81548 PM

Not a whole lot of special seats in the fleet (16DEF are special on the 752 but are blocked from booking for all customers until close to departure).

The new seat maps are currently in testing and will go live on the website on the 17th of March, along with the new seating policy.

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