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  1. mark
    mark at |

    1) Coach is better on these flights because the entire cabin has E+ legroom.

    2) United has really watered down this product over the years. I flew SFO-JFK two days and you can no longer get an imported beer of any kind IN FIRST CLASS!! No Heineken. No Corona. Only Miller and Miller Lite. Wow.

  2. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    Coach is better than what? Than United’s regular service? Yes. Than JetBlue? Nope. Than Virgin America? Maybe. Than Delta? Probably.

    Everything is relative, but the p.s. product is missing some of the “shine” that used to really make it special.

  3. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    @mark unless you don’t qualify for E+ on a non-PS plane, I consider E+ on the PS birds inferior because it actually has worse seat pitch than other aircraft.

    @Wandering Aramean Haven’t tried JetBlue, but extra E+ beats inflight entertainment on Virgin America for me, since I bring my own entertainment anyway.

    Now that UA has those new economy seats with AVOD coming into their 777 fleet, maybe they should put some shine back into the PS product by putting them into that aircraft as well (but what would they do with C/F?). Then again, with a possible CO merger, who knows what’s going to happen to PS.