JetBlue heading south, WAY south

All the way to South Africa, thanks to a new interline agreement announced this morning between South African Airways and JetBlue. This agreement is the broadest of the interline deals they have signed thus far, covering all destinations in both airline networks.

Effective May 12, 2010, customers will be able to purchase a single itinerary for travel on flights of both carriers in one simple transaction, enjoying easy connecting service between all JetBlue cities and 40 cities in the South African Airways network via JFK. Tickets can be purchased by visiting South African Airways’ website at, calling SAA Reservations at 1-800-722-9675, or through a travel agent.

This new partnership will offer increased convenience to customers on both sides of the Atlantic by allowing customers to travel on one single e-ticket and by offering through check-in. Customers will be able to check their bags to their final destination and receive boarding cards for both carriers’ flights upon check-in with either JetBlue in the U.S. or SAA in southern Africa.

I’m still hoping that they get some frequent flyer loyalty program reciprocity with all these new partners, and that the booking process include rather than just the other partners, but I guess it is more important to actually have the relationships set first and then grow them.

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Seth Miller

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