Triple TrueBlue points from Boston this summer

JetBlue, already the largest airline at Boston’s Logan airport, is looking to further grow that position with their expanded summer schedule and lots of bonus points on offer. The previously announced schedule growth mostly went into effect yesterday. It reflects a 30% increase in daily flights over last year, an average of 75 daily flights operating.

And now, folks flying on JetBlue to and from Boston will receive triple TrueBlue points between May 2 and June 30. Registration is required. Passengers on these routes will earn 9 TrueBlue points for travel rather than the normal 3. The 3 bonus points for booking at still apply, as do the two bonus points for paying with the JetBlue AmEx card. All told it is possible to realize 14 TrueBlue points per dollar spent if you do it all.

A bit strange that the announcement of the promo comes after the travel period starts. Also a bit strange that the bonus points announcement is tied to the launch of a new route, Boston – Sarasota/Bradenton, that doesn’t start until well after the promo period ends. Such is life

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Seth Miller

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