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  1. canuck_in_pa
    canuck_in_pa at |

    Same experience on my last UA flights as well: on the first one (B757) a mechanic came aboard to duct tape an armrest cover that had popped. On the second (A320) the male FA was really manhandling the overheads to get them to close.

  2. AMS30
    AMS30 at |

    Hope your SFO-SYD segment was good.
    Never had a problem on UA flights (except WX delays).
    But the only 2 flights I took on CO’s 757-200, the AVOD was not working on my seat. IAH-EWR and MIA-EWR.

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  4. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    I think one of the things that breaks those overhead bins is pax and FAs trying with force to shut it when it really is filled beyond capacity. I have iPhone video somewhere of an idiot who for two minutes banged on the poor bin when it was clear to anyone watching that there was no way it would shut and remain shut.

  5. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    I was mostly surprised that they tried to put anything in a bin that was already being taped closed. Especially on a 763 that was 60% full in the back at most, meaning there was a TON of space available. Such is life.

    I’ve already cashed in my SkyKit certificates and I’m looking forward to using my $250 in vouchers for future trips. 😀