JetBlue to introduce improved – and paid – snacks

Starting on June 16th JetBlue will be rolling out a new buy-on-board snack product selection on many of their flights. The offerings are most definitely snacks, not meals, and they will be available on routes where the flights are 4 hours or longer and which are operated by the carrier’s Airbus A320 aircraft; there isn’t room in the Embraer E90 galleys.

Offering complimentary snacks has been part of JetBlue’s culture since the carrier started operations 10 years ago and they have stated that they intend to continue offering a selection of free snacks going forward. These new choices are in addition to the existing selections.

So, what can your $6 get you on board a JetBlue flight? Here are the packs that will be available:

Wake Up:
Bauli Classic Croissant
Justin’s Maple Almond
ButterBonne Maman Strawberry Preserves
Dole Peaches in Strawberry Gel Fruit Cup
Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk
Cheez-It Cheddar Baked Snack Crackers

Beef Up:
Old Wisconsin Beef Salami
Oakfield Farms Gourmet Cheese Spread
Belle Crème Gourmet Cheese Spread
New York Style Bagel Chips
Late July Organic Crackers
Brothers All Natural Fuji Apple Crisps
Brothers All Natural Asian Pear Fruit Crisps

Power Up:
Jack Links Beef Jerky
Heinz Salsa
Stoned Classics Tortilla Chips
Pennysticks Pretzel Sticks
Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip
Mama Mellace Sweet & Salty Cashews

Shape Up:
Wild Garden Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus
Sheffa Zesty Snack Mix
Emerald Natural Almonds
New York Style Pita Chips
Sun Maid Raisins

Cheer Up:
Smoked Cheddar
Hot Pepper
Dried Apples and Cranberries

The selections look surprisingly similar to the snack boxes that other carriers offer on board. Somewhat disappointingly there are no more substantive meal options nor anything that is fresh. It is all packaged “junk-food” with a long shelf life. That’s good from a cost control perspective but not so much from an actually feeding folks who want real food perspective. On the plus side the larger JetBlue destinations do have some decent food options in the terminal, but not everywhere and with connections there isn’t always time.

I am somewhat intrigued by the suggestion that they are having trouble finding space in the E90 galley for the food but that they are not having similar problems on the A320s. Currently the carrier uses overhead bins for storing some of the catering supplies. If they are increasing the stuff that they’ll be serving they’re going to need more space. It isn’t completely clear where that will be.

Overall, more choices are better than fewer choices and, at least for now, JetBlue is maintaining the line that the free snacks aren’t going anywhere. I think I’ll just take my usual choices from that selection rather than buying one of these boxes. After all, what could be better than two packs of animal crackers, a pack of cashews, a pack of plantain chips and two chocolate chip cookie packs for dessert??

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