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  1. theblakefish
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    Thank you for that informative post and photo. Please give us a follow-up, and than a follow-up to the follow-up, and than…..well, keep ’em coming! 😉

  2. tommy777
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    The pitch is actually better in the front of Swiss and Lufthansa’s aircraft. Also, the service is significantly better. And it’s huge not to have anyone in the middle.

    How you figure sitting next to a guy in the middle, having Terra chips for 5 hours and paying 5 bucks for a beer is better than 33″ pitch, middle seat blocked, Champagne and a 3 course meal is a little puzzling to me. I’ll take intra European C any day over lousy domestic US F, cheap booze 36 pitch no food F on flights less than 2 hours.

  3. Oliver
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    @tommy777 – given that LH’s Euro business cabin is “resizable” (at least on the aircraft I have seen) by virtue of moving that tiny curtain, how do they give those seats more pitch?

    I am with Seth here. It’s at best worth the name Premium Economy (of course, US domestic F is at best worth the name business class).

    Oh that Russian model… Well, at least those “boob bags” helped her. Without them she might have hit with her air bag, eh, head.

  4. Oliver
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    @tommy777 agaIn – so I looked at Seatguru, and taking the Swiss A319 configuration for example, it appears they have 15 rows of “business class” pitch (34″) and 8 rows with “economy” pitch (31″). Assuming they use the curtain approach to resize the actual business section, it seems mere mortals flying economy have a pretty good chance getting business class seat pitch (maybe with a neighbor in the middle seat).