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  1. Gary
    Gary at |

    The Heathrow clubhouse is one of the most impressive airport physical facilities out there. I once heard it described as “an architect’s dream of Platner, Eames, Corbusier and Austin Powers.” But it’s not about the service.

    And the onboard product is a good, solid business seat (that was once industry-leading but others have caught up) combined with bad food.

    Virgin’s mileage program really isn’t competitive. I’ll take the onboard product for longhaul business, but I’ll recognize it as just that — a business class seat that gets me there, not an experience to look forward to. There aren’t very many BUSINESS products (nad even only a few FIRST products) that are more than just transportation.

    Which isn’t to say that it isn’t perfectly fine for what it is. And I wouldn’t really go in search of more for a short hop across the pond.