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  1. dracs
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    Very useful post!!

  2. Brian Lusk
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    I need to step in a bit and correct you. The “previous” CofC to which you refer is an old one. We’ve had 19 updates since the version you used. We changed to two bags on 1/29/2008.

    60. Free Baggage Allowance (Issued January 29, 2008; Effective January 29, 2008)

    Upon presentation by a fare-paying passenger of a valid ticket, Carrier will allow the following baggage to be transported without charge:

    A. Checked Baggage – Two (2) pieces of baggage, each piece of which having outside measurements (i.e., the sum of the greatest outside length plus the greatest outside width plus the greatest outside height) not exceeding sixty-two (62) inches, not weighing more than fifty (50) pounds per piece, and provided such baggage is checked for carriage in the cargo hold of the aircraft.

  3. Wandering Aramean
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    Thanks for the correction there, Brian. I was going based on what I could find. Since the previous versions aren’t particularly easy to access I was doing my best.

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  7. FamilyMan
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    As a husband and father who HAS TO LIVE in another state for his job, to help support his family while his wife lives and works in other state, too far away to drive to/from, I can FULLY attest that THIS SUCKS ROYALLY!
    Often, if I can’t make a trip for some reason, I can at least get my family out to me later, or get my family out to see other family, or something similarly decent. Recently, a medical emergency has left me with three TTFs and just now I found out that I am SCREWED out of using them for my family to come to me instead of me going there, as of less than 3 months from now. Thanks for making an already stressful planning situation all the more, all for the almighty damned dollar!
    THERE IS NO REASON OTHER THAN $$$$$ for making this change. The airline is already running the others into the ground, so this coldly and calculatingly victimizes a minority, but significant, percentage of their customers as expendable “collateral damage.”
    Southwest is NOT nor should it EVER be a follower, but the leader that has made it what it is today. The morons with their shiny new MBAs (I have one, so I can mock them!) that are now running the show, who forget this critical history of their new company, will make it another piss-poor US Air in no time.
    In the meantime, my formerly rabid loyalty to Southwest has just expired along with my now-expired drink tix, my likely-to-expire TTFs and their expired planes in dire need of repair.
    Another one bites the dust…