All You Can Jet international taxes report

One of the drawbacks of the JetBlue All You Can Jet (AYCJ) pass is that one still has to pay all the international taxes. I know that they’re almost all government-assessed fees, but it still sucks. And figuring out just how much they’ll add to the price of your booking can be a pain.

Well, the booking site went live a little early tonight (woohoo…I’ve got 5 bookings already!) so I spent a few minutes cataloging some of the taxes. Here’s what I’ve got:

JFK-AUA $81.70
JFK-BQN $32.20
JFK-BDA $87.50
JFK-BOG $93.70
JFK-CUN $89.89
JFK-KIN $97.54
JFK-MBJ $92.82
JFK-NAS $91.20
JFK-POP $126.80
JFK-PSE $32.20
JFK-SJO $71.55
JFK-SJU $32.20
JFK-STI $126.80
JFK-SDQ $126.80
JFK-SXM $81.55


All taxes are calculated based on a round-trip itinerary leaving 14 September and returning 16 September except for SXM because that route doesn’t operate those days. In some cases the flights route via FLL or MCO but, where possible, I confirmed that the taxes are the same with and without the connection.

Hopefully this helps folks with their budgeting for AYCJ taxes.

UPDATE: JetBlue had a few destinations missing during my initial research. They’re available now:

JFK-UVF $79.40
JFK-BGI $75.70
JFK-PUJ $126.80


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