Getting to experience that new plane smell

Aircraft delivery flights are often quite the party. The airlines have a new toy to play with and they are a great opportunity to show partners, vendors, employees and customers the happier side of flying. Gaining access to those flights, however, is hardly trivial. It is doubly difficult if you’re not actually in the industry.

Continental has made it a bit easier for 40 folks to gain access to this experience through their OnePass Auctions website. The airline currently has 20 packages available for a delivery flight of a Boeing 737-800 on September 25, 2010. Winners will receive two tickets to Seattle, two nights hotel accommodations, dinner & drinks at Boeing and again for the launch party, ground transportation in Seattle and two tickets from Houston back home. And, of course, the aircraft delivery flight.

While normally spending frequent flyer points on something other than travel isn’t a great value, this auction is currently very inexpensive (25K points wins right now, though it will likely go up a bit) and the experience is truly a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Sadly it is limited to OnePass-branded Chase MasterCard holders which excludes a lot of folks, but it is still a tremendous opportunity if you have the card. Alas, I’ll be enjoying my AYCJ pass and will have to skip this one. I’ll definitely be bidding should the Dreamliner delivery show up on the site.

Bid here:

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Seth Miller

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