Soccer on the shore in Accra

Wrapping up my main afternoon in Accra, Ghana I headed back to my hotel, the Afia Beach Hotel. Located just west of Independence Square on the water front the hotel is a good combination of price (rooms started at USD$65/night) and quality. The restaurant on property offered up both local and western dishes that were tasty and the 625ml beers were only GH¢3.25 (~USD$2.25) so having a few through the afternoon was hardly a bad deal. The hotel sits on a small bluff up from the beach, providing easy access for a walk in the sand or soaking your toes in the Bight of Benin if the fancy strikes you. The beach is not a swimming beach at all though it is used as a regular thoroughfare and gym for many of the locals.


Sitting on one of the benches at the hotel, reading my Kindle and drinking my beer, I was treated to watching locals playing a bit of footie out in the sand. Not real matches but guys out running and exercising, working on some ball handling skills and otherwise just having some fun as the sun went down on another lovely afternoon in Ghana.

IMGP4369 IMGP4372

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