AYCJ Day 20: ACK! I got ‘em all!

IMGP5840Today’s AYCJ trip was perhaps the silliest of all for me – and that’s saying something. I took a flight out to Nantucket (ACK) and back just an hour later solely for being able to say that I flew to or from that airport. Why? Because it means that I’ve now flown to every domestic airport that JetBlue serves.

Yeah, I collect airports like some people collect stamps or coins or whatever else it is that people collect. And today I picked up the last dot on the USA that I needed for my JetBlue collection to be complete when I touched down in Nantucket.

By my count there are currently 43 domestic destinations served by JetBlue. I’ve flown to or from 30 of those destinations on JetBlue; the other 13 I’ve hit on other airlines. Maybe that’s cheating the stats a bit, but I am going to pick up at least 2 more of those 13 this coming week and maybe a couple more next week as the All You Can Jet adventure wraps up this year plus another a couple weeks hence.  

IMGP5847I’m nowhere close to flying all the routes that the airline offers and there are still many international destinations that I need to get to. And I’ll try to get to the few missing on JetBlue at some point. Still, I’m happy to have reached this milestone. Oh, and the two new domestic stations coming online later this year – BDL and DCA – I have already flown through so I’m covered for a bit there.

I tried to write a limerick to celebrate this milestone, but my efforts proved rather futile. I think we’re all better off for that.

IMGP5857In other AYCJ news today, I actually got yelled at (as did several other passengers) by the gate agents in Nantucket for not boarding the flight quickly enough. Apparently they decided that the “Boarding Time” on our boarding passes was when the plane should be closed up and ready to depart, not when boarding should start. They actually started the boarding before the inbound flight was even scheduled to arrive. That we then closed up and taxied out to the end of the runway where we waited for our departure slot into JFK – which came right when it was supposed to assuming an on-time boarding – without functional LiveTV on the plane is a whole different issue.

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