AYCJ Day 6: “Oh, I just thought you were crazy.”

IMG_0393Today is a day of a couple firsts for my flying on my JetBlue All You Can Jet pass. I get a new airport – Sarasota/Bradenton (SRQ) – and a couple new lines on my route map. SRQ-JFK is the “easy” new one I am getting. I’m also going to be flying from Boston to Las Vegas later on this evening which will also be a new line for me. It also almost created quite a problem for me with my carry-on bag.

Due to a rather interesting boarding process in Sarasota I ended up basically one of the last folks to get on the plane. No room for my bag in the overhead. Were it just a normal routing I wouldn’t care but I’m flying every day for the next five and I’d like to have clean underwear eventually during that time. Plus the chances of my bag ever catching up to me should it get delayed are pretty low. Needless to say, I started to freak out a bit.

The flight attendant, Michael, was trying his best to help out but when I started to try to explain my itinerary I realized that it wasn’t going to do any good. I just waited for the gate agent to come down the jetway with the bag tags. The conversation went roughly like this:

GA: What’s your final destination?

Me: Las Vegas.

GA: What flight number?

FA: He’s connecting via Boston.

Me: Yeah, Do you want to route it direct to LAS or have it connect with me in Boston, too?

GA: Forget it. I’ll just tag it for a gate claim in JFK. Pick it up in the jetway when you arrive.

Me: THANK YOU! That’s way easier for me, too!

IMG_0395The best news is that I made it complicated enough that the agent agreed to tag it like a stroller so it should be brought back up to the jetway in New York City when I arrive. I’ve tried that before and have never been successful. Hopefully it actually works this time. If not I can go out and get it at the carousel but I’d rather not deal with the TSA again if I don’t have to.

I managed to get myself a free EML seat in row 1 for SRQ-JFK.There was no one in 1A/B/C so I just took 1A and settled in. Much better than a full row in the back. It also meant that I got to chat with the flight attendants some more, this time without freaking out over my bag. It was then that I finally got to explain why I was flying to Las Vegas via Boston: because I wanted the new line for my map. The response I got was the title of this post, “Oh, I just thought you were crazy.” I’m pretty sure that I am and that my flight patterns prove it, but if they’re willing to give me the benefit of the doubt I suppose I should take it. 

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Seth Miller

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