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  1. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    When I first read about it on Cranky, my only comment was “that ain’t gonna fly”. Your pics just confirmed it. I don’t even know why the company spent time on it.

  2. Rusty
    Rusty at |

    These look terribly uncomfortable. Who can sit with their legs braced for more than a couple minutes? For heavier passengers, this would be a nightmare. I flew back from Heathrow to Chicago with a chubby lady in the next seat and it was not comfortable for either of us. Seats like this might be fine for school children. Definately not for adults.

  3. Andreas
    Andreas at |

    Well .. from a safety perspective, this is a no-go. I seriously doubt these seats can withstand the reqired 18g that an airliner seat needs to according to certification rules. I also can not see how pax are able to get in the brace-position in case of an emergency landing.

    This is a publicity stunt, but it works, coz as you said, they get people in their booth to view their other products.

  4. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Maybe it’s indeed a publicity stunt, but quite frankly if I was an airline executive it wouldn’t exactly leave a “wow those guys are competent” impression with me. How many seat manufacturers are there? Getting the attention of buyers in this market really shouldn’t be that hard, it’s not like they are making cereal or laundry detergent.

  5. JC
    JC at |

    This seating will be a certification challenge for sure, with the new requirements for 16G protection it may be a while before this could be put into service. Likely will be modified a few times before becoming certifiable.

  6. Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson at |

    There’s just no way.

  7. Ben Tydears
    Ben Tydears at |

    I would like the seat designers and their senior executives to trial my new space saving idea – the inflight toilet. Get rid of the onboard smelly room and replace it with more passengers.

    How? By inserting a glass tube up your rear end. (Just tie or insert plastic bags to your front for liquid disposals.)

    But maybe these designers and their bosses should just shove glass tubes up their rear ends for a year. Or until they come to their senses and stop talking crap.

  8. chitownflyer
    chitownflyer at |

    This looks to be an ideal solution for Ryan Air as they can transport even more passengers without making them stand and fly which is one of their business options being considered.

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    Back in the Saddle Again at |

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  10. lepero
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