At the end of the road

Most roads end eventually but there are few that do so in such a dramatic fashion as the Ingram Trail outside Yellowknife, Canada.

Sure, there is Mile Marker 0 on US 1 down in Key West and that’s certainly entertaining, but you’re still in the middle of town there and not particularly at the end of the world. When NWT Route 4 ends, about 70 kilometers northeast of town, calling it dramatic would be an understatement.

The road comes to a rather abrupt end at the edge of the water with views like this one.

Looking back on the road you see the beauty of the sun, low on the horizon.

And just a few steps away is the frozen lake, strong enough at this point for walking and, in a few weeks as the freeze sets in further, strong enough for the large tractor-trailers to drive on. This is the launching point of the ice road that feeds the diamond mines and which starred in season one of Ice Road Truckers.

The landscape is desolate but also beautiful. It is somewhat amazing how small you can feel standing in the middle of nowhere and still absolutely love the feeling.


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Seth Miller

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  1. Great pics. You just added another destination to my to-do list.

    Btw, the “All about Yelowknife” link at the end is broken.

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