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  1. David Thompson
    David Thompson at |

    Nice to see an American take on our Canadian airline. Over the last few years I have taken every opportunity to fly AC whenever possible – great in flight entertainment, comfy seats, pleasant service and pretty good on time performance.

  2. Andrew Patrick
    Andrew Patrick at |

    I checked out their website – under “About Air Canada” they have a whole list of awards, including Skytrax Best Airline in North America. I guess this is why.

  3. Leena Paloosa
    Leena Paloosa at |

    I’ve flown on Air Canada to several cities in the USA for business and pleasure and have always had a very positive experience with the service at the airport and onboard the planes. I read the blog and honestly could have also written these compliments myself many times! Kudos to Air Canada!

  4. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    I think I’d skip free lounge food if it meant an extra trip through security. Granola bars are something I often have in my travel backpack anyway (admittedly sometimes from a previous trip to a lounge, though I don’t take more than 2 or 3).

    What’s up there in Yellowknife?

    I have my first E190 trip coming up tomorrow (LH), have been looking forward to finally trying out a decent regional jet after all those CR200 trips.

  5. David
    David at |

    The Maple Leaf Lounge in YYC would have some decent snacks as well, nothing too impressive.

    Glad you had it to YZF – it’s an interesting spot although quite a bit colder than EWR this time of year. Not too many folks head up this way around now.

  6. calgary_jay
    calgary_jay at |

    I have a feeling you where in front of me at YYC security…was going to comment on the FlyerTalk “Priority” tags on your carry-on (along with the many many other tags) but, if it was you, you got selected for a bag check by CATSA…I was behind you in security and had a flight to YVR to catch.

  7. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    Yeah, Jay, that was me. All those bag tags and a CATSA secondary sounds about par for the course. Just be happy you weren’t behind me in YYZ on Monday morning. That search took about 10 minutes for no apparent reason.