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  1. A quick look back at 2010 - The Wandering Aramean

    […] Somewhat amazingly, of the 151 flights I only had three instances where I was struck by operations so irregular that they caused a missed flight. One of them – during my JetBlue AYCJ adventures wasn’t a big deal and I got back on track without really missing anything along the way. Two others – a US Airways delay out of Belgium and a Royal Air Maroc fiasco in Casablanca – caused me to overnight unexpectedly. The US Air incident wasn’t so bad but the Air Maroc one was pretty awful. […]

  2. Finishing out the Royal Air Maroc saga - The Wandering Aramean

    […] last I wrote about Royal Air Maroc it was not a pleasant scene. They had just dumped us at a dingy hotel for the night after preventing us from connecting to our flight from Casablanca to Tunis, Tunisia. As hard as it […]