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  1. Carl
    Carl at |

    Wonder how Southwest will deal with delays and irregular operations. With more flights and airports like BOS, LGA & EWR, they almost have to maintain a separate fleet for those airports so that the delays don’t ripple into the rest of their system since they usually have so little recovery time in their schedules.

  2. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    When Southwest added LaGuardia into the mix they said they were going to do so with a semi-dedicated fleet to help isolate delays and such from the rest of their network. Obviously that gets harder as you grow the number of cities that require an isolated fleet but their utilization is still pretty solid so they likely can make it work.

  3. Carl
    Carl at |

    I’m feeling like slowly Southwest is turning more into a network carrier. They’re still different with no first class, no assigned seating, no lounges, and no regional feeders – like JetBlue. But they are increasingly serving congested airports, and the proportion of travelers with connecting service is increasing.