A great CC offer from JetBlue and American Express

Ask any mileage junkie their favorite tip for getting large buckets of miles on the cheap and odds are you’ll start to hear stories about credit cards. The bonus miles on offer for enrollment are generally huge relative to the annual fee (more so if said fee is waived for the first year). The catch, of course, is that you also generally have to meet some minimum spend in a few months to get the bonus points. Sometimes that threshold is ridiculously high.

Every now and then, however, an offer comes along with something reasonable, like a $500 spend, to earn the points. When an offer like that smacks me in the face, I go for it, even if the program involved isn’t one I normally invest a lot of effort in for point accrual.

b6amexI received an email today from JetBlue once again offering up their co-branded American Express card. I seem to delete these emails once every week or two and don’t think much of it. Today’s however, is different. Today’s is actually a good deal.

In addition to the 10K points for signing up – the standard JetBlue/AmEx offer – today’s comes with a 15K point bonus after only $500 in spend. So for the $40 annual fee and a tiny hit on my credit score I net something around $250 in points from JetBlue. Yeah, I think I’ll take that.

As for finding $500 in spend over the next three months, I think it might be time to visit my friends at the US Mint again. I ‘ve been lamenting that I haven’t had any dollar coins around the house lately and they are a great conversation starter.

I just filled out my application. If you haven’t ever done the TrueBlue card before, now just might be the time. I’ve never seen a promo from them go higher than this.

Click here to apply.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Thanks! I saw this email and didn’t think twice (as you mentioned) but after reading you post I jumped on it! This also makes sure my AYCJ miles don’t expire.

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