Looking down on Guam’s Tumon Bay from Two Lovers Point

Two Lovers Point, or Puntan Dos Amantes, is one of the few tourist attractions in Guam. Perched high above Tumon Bay, the point offers perhaps the best views of the coast. It also offers couples an opportunity to express their love for each other, keeping with the history of the site.


The legend of Puntan Dos Amantes tells of a wealthy local family with a beautiful daughter. When the father arranged for the daughter to be married to a Spanish Captain she became distraught and ran off, up the island to a high point along the shore where she met a young local man and they instantly fell in love. Not surprisingly, the father disapproved of the new beau and moved forward with the wedding plans he had arranged. The girl stole off again and, again, met the young boy at their favorite spot atop the cliff. Pursued by her father, the Captain and his soldiers, the two embraced, tied their hair together and leapt from the cliff to their death on the rocks below.


Rather than leaping to their death, couples visiting the site today buy heart-shaped combination locks in the gift shop. They write their names on them and attach them to the fence where they stay forever, or at least until the folks running the park come through and clean them up.


It is pretty clichéd as an experience, but the tourists came in throngs. Bused in 30-50 at a time they came, passing through for their moment atop Guam and atop Two Lovers Point. Five to ten minutes later they were headed out of the little park and back on to their bus to get to whatever the next site on their itinerary is.


The park itself is free to access but it has limited views of the coast line. For that you have to cough up the three dollars to get in to the small lookout facility that juts out from the cliff top. Oh, and if you don’t have a rental car you’re on the hook for a $50 taxi ride round trip from the hotels along Tumon Bay up to the site.


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