Frontier changing some fees – for the better!

It seems lately that all the discussion fees and airlines involves how annoying they are and how there is no end in sight to what the airlines will think of to charge for. While that is mostly true, there is the occasional positive development on the fee front, where things get better rather than worse. Frontier Airlines announced this week that they are reducing a number of their fees.

Fees covering flight changes ($100->$50), checked baggage ($25->$20 if paid online) and name changes ($100->$50) will all be reduced under the new scheme. So will same-day flight changes at the airport ($50->$25, plus fare difference). And excess bag fees will be standardized across the carrier’s route network ($50).

Definitely still a lot of things customers will be paying fees on, even with the new rules, but in a business market that doesn’t seem keen to remove the fees any time soon, lower is a step in the right direction.

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Seth Miller

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  1. “same-day flight changes at the airport ($50->$25, plus fare difference)”

    Actually sounds like it’s probably an increase in fees there…

    1. Chris: I was under the impression that they always charged the fare difference anyways. If not then this is likely a net increase overall in the cost of the change, though still the “fee” part is dropping versus the “fare” part. I doubt the person paying $300 at the ticket counter cares about such semantics though.

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