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  2. Nathan
    Nathan at |

    According to Mr Trump, this would sure make it harder for our president to get his passport, haha! Maybe we should just forward this request on to the White House and they’ll side with us (reason!). Great post, thanks.

  3. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at |

    Thank you for posting about this issue and sharing the e-mail that you sent. I’ve also sent a modified version of your letter, so hopefully others are doing the same as well. The insanity must stop.

  4. Susan
    Susan at |

    Thanks for the information… and the template for a letter. Modified version also sent!

  5. Elliot
    Elliot at |

    You seem to be suggesting that anybody unable to provide a birth certificate issued by a US state should receive a passport with no questions asked. That’s just reckless.

    An original birth certificate (or a certified copy of one, if the original is lost or destroyed) is something that the vast majority of Americans have, and can use to obtain a passport. If you have anything other than that document, I feel the State Department is well within their right to question its authenticity and ask for supporting documentation before issuing a travel document that confirms your citizenship.

    These people are fully aware that they are edge cases and conclusively proving their citizenship will not be easy. They should expect additional complications while due diligence is done.

  6. Tiferet
    Tiferet at |

    Actually, @Elliot, the vast majority of adopted children don’t have copies and are not legally allowed to get copies of their ORIGINAL birth certificates. They are allowed to purchase certified copies of their amended birth certificates, and those will work, but there is a lot of information missing (for instance, time of birth) and I wouldn’t put it past some authority figures to make this a hurdle for someone.

    You are also not considering the problems of transsexual and transgendered people who may have great difficulty getting their original birth certificates properly amended if they live or were born in some of our less trans-friendly states.

  7. Elliot
    Elliot at |

    If someone handed you a birth certificate that said they were born male but identified themselves as female, are you really saying we should just hand them a passport without asking any additional questions? I’m glad you don’t work in the State Department.

    Are adopted children and transgender/transsexual people the vast majority of Americans? What percentage of the US population is that demographic? How many people, realistically, change or represent themselves as a gender other than the one they were born with? As I said before, they’re edge cases and should be prepared to explain why they are entitled to a passport – surely an adopted child can provide some documentation that they were legally adopted by a US citizen. I really can’t speak for transgender/transsexual people, but is anybody forcing them to amend their original birth certificate? I didn’t even know that was possible.

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  10. Really
    Really at |

    First time interest in obtaining a passport. I just read the numerous questions required…I’m not cool with it! I’m grown & old! What the hay they need my parents personal info for?

    The U.S. Governments’ hands are dirty! How much more money are they going to sucker US out of?

  11. Connie
    Connie at |

    My fianc√© just applied for a US passport. He was born and raised in the USA and has never been outside the USA in his entire 57 years of life. When he sent in his application (which he did in person) he provided them with a birth certificate and a state-issued ID – which the Department of State website said was required. They wrote to him three weeks after receiving the application stating that the birth certificate and ID card were not sufficient to identify him. He now has to provide AT LEAST FIVE more documents to “assist them in identifying who he is”!!!! These documents have to be OVER five years old! They want marriage certificates from a marriage which ended over ten years ago. They want the birth certificates of his two adult (married) children. They want his medical records. They want a copy of his social security card. He recently renewed his driving licence and they want a copy of that too. If the Department of State is so hard up for investigators who can successfully identify their own citizens, I think they need to start coming down harder on the organisations who issue birth certificates and ID cards and driving licences, instead of coming down on the ordinary citizens! Every dealing I have ever had with any government department in the USA has, honestly, been like dealing with a 3rd world communist country – its like some awful novel by Solzhenitsyn. Unbelievable.