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  1. South African Airways extorts additional fare at departure - The Wandering Aramean

    […] (4 April 2011): Well, SAA finally realized the error of their ways. I got my money back! Tags: Africa, British Airways, fees, Mauritius, South Africa, South African Airways, Star Alliance […]

  2. GA
    GA at |

    You mention your issue being resolved and how that makes you want to recommend them, but you don’t mention that they have corrected this internally as to why they charged the fee in the first place, and whether others are likely to experience the same.

    I find it disingenuous and even concerning that you are willing to recommend a company that may very well screw the next person in line (based on your recommendation), in the exact same manner but that person would not have the available resources you had available to address their issue. And you are recommending them because they made you whole, not necessarily that they fixed anything.

    It could be your discussion with PR involved changes to correct the root of the problem, but your blog is not addressing that at all.

  3. TravelinWilly
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    I wish I could agree with you on their service, but for those of us (who I know personally) who fly the long-haul African routes, inter-SA and intra-Africa regularly, SAA isn’t usually the first choice. I posted this recently elsewhere (I forget where, maybe on Lucky’s blog, maybe on FT), but I will look to BA whenever they share a routing with SAA. The service levels are simply too unpredictable with SAA, and I’ve had issues with fraudulent charges, etc., as well. Not the kind of insult you had, but they seem quite adept at turning transactions into projects, and I don’t have the patience for it.

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  5. Brian
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    Anytime a blogger changes her or his mind on a company after a long struggle to “get it right” does not pass the stink test. It took weeks of escalation and emails with PR pushing it up the ladder internally to get this resolved. They only did this because your blog is on an influential site.

    To call it “shine” smells of bumf (and I am being very generous here.)

    I have learned a couple things:

    1) Don’t fly SAA.
    2) Bloggers can be bought for $305.