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  1. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    There is a reason why Continental was one of the weakest, if not the weakest, airlines financially going into the merger with United, and stuff like this may be one of the many causes. It is a shame that this type of crap will probably be a part of the new United, which was the strongest airline financially headed into the merger, but I don’t think it will be that way for much longer with the changes Smisek is making.

  2. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    Against my better judgment….

    In what was was Continental the weakest airline 2 years ago? Ditto for United being one of the strongest Please provide facts in the form of financial reports in the like.

    Beyond that, most of the airlines advertise “sales” that are anything but. United does it all the time, too.

  3. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    I’ll get back to you in a few days with the data to back it up, I am putting together a massive dataset on all of big five going back a few years that includes, rpm, rasm, revenue, operating profit, net profit, cash/short term investments, and debt.
    United was the strongest airline at the start of 2010, according to them (which is slightly biased, but when I looked at a few indicators back then, they were the strongest).