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  1. jack
    jack at |

    wow, awesome story. thats amazing, and i bet they’ll appriciate it, and re-tell it for years.

    well done!

  2. Michael
    Michael at |

    Good on ya!

  3. Meagan @MiniGTs
    Meagan @MiniGTs at |

    You know, some might call you “A Good Samaritan”. 🙂 Here’s hoping that you’re my seatmate on my next flight!

  4. Ivan Tcherniaev
    Ivan Tcherniaev at |

    I am flying Atlanta to South Africa tomorrow. Hopefully someone in first class would not mind trading me for my economy comfort seat 🙂
    All kidding aside, if you are ever in SLC, send me an e-mail, I would like to take you to lunch.

  5. Michael
    Michael at |

    Pay it forward!

  6. Susan
    Susan at |

    That is just what makes you who you are Seth…. a wonderful Wandering Aramean! Good on you! 🙂

  7. Gene
    Gene at |

    I’ll let you know my flying schedule. Please try to be on all of my flights. If my upgrade doesn’t clear, I can have yours, right? 🙂

  8. Tee
    Tee at |

    Good karma.

  9. Brit
    Brit at |

    Seth – you rock!

  10. Hendrik
    Hendrik at |

    Gene is spot on 😉
    Have fun on the trip. I am glad that you could use the deal. I hate to be stuck in Europe where MRs are pretty scarce.

  11. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    Did I miss the story of how you reached Global Services status? Do tell! 😉

  12. Andy
    Andy at |

    Why do you do MR as a GS? isn’t it based on annual spending?

  13. Gene
    Gene at |

    What Matthew said. Pease tell us!

  14. Nybanker
    Nybanker at |

    If you ever want to do that trade again, let me know. 😉

  15. Nybanker
    Nybanker at |

    Thinking further, I did an f to j onboard downgrade on sq one time (on a SYD-sin flight operated by a 747).

    Turns out my boss was on the same flight, and he only booked in j. When I found out, I tried to change my ticket….but j was full. uh oh!

    I went to the guy sitting next to the boss and discretely offered a trade of seat. At first he was not into it, till I showed him the f boarding card…and that guy bolted up front so fast it wasn’t funny.

    If it was a 380, I’m not sure what I would have done. I guess I could have closed the door to the suite and hid out!

  16. Daraius
    Daraius at |


    That was a very kind gesture on your part, and I’m sure the couple had a great start to their vacation!

  17. Carl
    Carl at |

    Who operates HNL-HND?

  18. Larry
    Larry at |

    Good man. You are completely right that first class over economy on the ghetto birds is not that different aside from the food and wider seat. You made four people (five with the chit) very happy. It will come back.

  19. Ben
    Ben at |

    Yeah I am with everyone else. You specialize in finding the best mileage runs how are you GS?

  20. David
    David at |

    This shows your true color!

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  22. Julian
    Julian at |

    Well, as you said there was not such a big difference between F and Y. Also makes you feel good that you made the couple happy. On the top of that you can brag about it here and gather plenty of sympathy. A winning move all along 😀

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  24. nulle
    nulle at |

    thank you for being a gentleman…I suspect karma will reward eventually..

    I am new to mileage runs…can you tutor me on that?


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  28. Gary
    Gary at |

    Well, if you are 1K, you are nut…

    But you are GS, so you definitely get too bored in F…LOL…

  29. Adan
    Adan at |

    What goes around comes around. You are a gentleman and a scholar. Better to have a few loose screws and a big heart than no heart at all.

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  35. Cdnblue
    Cdnblue at |

    What an amazingly kind thing to do. A random act of kindness!

  36. AKTCHI
    AKTCHI at |

    Nothing wrong with being nice to others, as long as you know what you are doing. Someone of your experience obviously did. 🙂 So, kudos to you.