For security reasons, please use the lavatory in your ticketed cabin

Apparently this concept is harder to comprehend than it should be. And, recently, the issue is apparently managing to use a lavatory at all. Ick.

First up was the guy on a JetBlue flight who, while underage, got tanked prior to a flight and then couldn’t quite make it all the way back to the lav before unloading his bladder.

I was drunk, and I did not realize I was pissing on her leg.

Yeah, not so classy. And apparently the indecent exposure charge comes with a potential $1,000 fine and 1 year in prison, along with the loss of his position on the US Ski Team development squad. Not that it matters all that much, but the family is insisting that the guy missed.

Fast forward a few days and switch continents to France and apparently the situation repeated itself. Apparently French actor Gerard Depardieu had a few too many drinks (it is not clear if they were alcoholic or not) prior to his flight yesterday and needed to use the lav. The cabin door was closed and they were taxiing for departure so the flight attendants instructed him to remain seated. He apparently didn’t like that policy so he relieved himself in the cabin.

France’s Europe-1 radio aired an interview with the passenger, identified only by her first name Daniele, saying that Depardieu appeared inebriated and announced "’I need to piss, I need to piss." The passenger said when the cabin crew told him to remain seated during takeoff, "he stood up and did it (urinated) on the ground."

Not a great week for lavatory service.

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Seth Miller

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  1. This lavatory policy seriously sucks especially given the number of elders who needs to go fairly often…I guess having the cabin smell of urine is preferred over violations of use of bathrooms.

    I found this policy needs to be changed especially for transoceanic flights where the lines to the lavatory are long (with people lined up en masse) to the point blocking meal and/or drink service…

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