More pretty pictures from Cape Breton

At this point I think I’ve probably written about all that I can regarding our four days in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It is simply some of the most beautiful scenery out there. But I’ve got a few (dozens, really, but I won’t go there) photos left over that I haven’t worked into any other posts yet so I’m sharing them here. Enjoy.




These last two were taken from the beach area outside our room at the Glenghorn Beach Resort, our last hotel in the area. I’m not entirely sure what qualifies it as a resort but it was relatively cheap and in a good location for what we were doing. Other than that and these views, however, not a ton to recommend it.

The first is of the sea shortly before sunset, exposed for 0.8 seconds to provide that soft feel.


This one is a 30 second view straight up. The lack of light pollution does amazing things for viewing the stars. The red dot traveling towards the upper right corner is an airplane passing overhead.



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Seth Miller

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  1. Hey Seth
    I always go to the exotic type sites but now I want to o up to the Maritimes. I’ve done Halifax on a cruise and loved it so you have now inspired me to do more in Canada. I love your pictures
    Have a great weekend

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