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  1. Rik
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    How do you sign up for the massage? Is there always a masseuse available? I’m going to be traveling Thai and would love to make the most of the lounges.


  2. Seatrate.blogspot.com
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    That reminds me of my experience at the CDG Star alliance lounge the other day. The business lounge was very nice which had me wondering about the business lounge.

  3. Gary
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    Though the Lufthansa first class terminal food is better than the food offerings in Thai’s first class lounge (IMHO, mostly because I love love love the nuts in the FCT and also the wienerschnitzel) and though the drive across the tarmac is much cooler than just being escorted to the plane or being driven on a buggy, I’m not sure the Thai business class lounge comparison vs First Class Terminal is really fair.

    I’ll take one of the semi-private living roomss in the Thai first class lounge over the seating areas in the First Class Terminal. Having multiple seating areas of your own, and your own large screen TV, is attractive. Plus getting the buggy ride essentially THROUGH the business class lounge over to the first class lounge is pretty cool. And of course Thai has ground service on arrival as well, not just departure, which is something that Lufthansa really lacks — being met on the jetway and escorted through priority immigration on arrival.

    Both are great, but overall I give an edge to the Thai Airways first class ground experience in Bangkok over the Lufthansa first class ground experience in Frankfurt. But that’s comparing first class to first class.

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. LARandy
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    In answer to Rik: All you have to do is find the Spa, which can be a bit challenging given the size and complexity of the airport. At the reception desk, you’ll be asked to show your Business or First Class ticket. If the former, you’ll be asked whether you want a head-and-neck or leg-and-foot massage. Then you’ll either be escorted back to a massage cubicle or seated in a waiting area with refreshments and reading material. Normally, I haven’t had to wait at all; if there was a wait, it was very short.

    To Seth: Nice write-up. I’ve been to the Business lounges and the Spa dozens of times and agree with you. The only complaint I have is that some of the Thai personnel can be very difficult about carry-ons if they’re over a certain weight, even up front. For frequent travellers like me, who never check, it can be quite a hassle.

  5. Kalboz
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    I had the same experience a while back and chose the 1-hour full body massage and it was great 🙂 You sign up by telling them what you want when they hand you the spa service menue. Here are some photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kalboz/sets/72157624489773315/