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  1. FastShares delayed, but SHARES isn't - FlyerTalk Forums

    […] that FastShares would be in place to make that transition as easy as possible for the agents. Apparently the FastShares development has slipped, resulting in the need for agents to work in native SHARES for a few months until the new GUI app […]

  2. mowogo
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    I actually don’t think this will be quite the disaster everybody expects, since many of the agents have experience with a mainframe terminal. The greater disaster may be when they implement a GUI to it, since everybody has to learn a new GUI.

  3. scott
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    I think the issues will be with new agentsblike myselfbthat have only known fastair and never learned Apollo. Those that know Apollo will be able tonunderstand the process even though it isn’t exactly the same. In my opinon UA would solve a lot of headaches if they waited to migrate to the new system on a station by station basis. That way if a UA agent had problems in shares they could AK a CO worker the question much easier.

  4. Seatrate.blogspot.com
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    Sounds dumb

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    […] surprises This scenario has played out almost exactly as predicted… United moving to Shares Likely Without Fastshares From planning to training to implementation to post-trauma PR… it's just wiping up the cat sick […]