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  1. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Are surface-to-air missiles now standard equipment for NYC police cruisers, or did they put sidewinders on police helicopters? In any case… scary!

  2. Rich
    Rich at |

    Unbelievable. I understand the terrorist threat very well but the knowledge that NYPD can shoot down aircraft is far more disturbing than reassuring.
    Who gives the order to shoot, Bloomberg? Under what circumstances? Under what authority? What safeguards are in place? Don’t we have a military that handles such situations?

  3. Stephen H Greene
    Stephen H Greene at |

    Without alluding to how, Kelly said they have the ability, but perhaps not the authority. I assume the authority would come from someone higher up than the police commissioner. VP Cheney had to give that command during 9-11. They might have Stingers available to the NYPD or a phone call to NORAD to scramble their F-16s, F-15s or F-18s…

  4. Jimgotkp
    Jimgotkp at |

    This indeed is rather interesting. I would like to know as well who gives the authority. Possibly Biden or Obama? Even though it would be flying over NYC, I feel Bloomberg shouldn’t have the authority to do so for a matter like this. I like Mr. Greene’s comment on possibly calling NORAD to scramble a few military jets.

  5. Rich
    Rich at |

    F-16’s were scrambled on 9/11 so that wouldn’t seem to be a new development. I interpreted Kelly’s statement to be that NYPD had acquired some offensive capability within the department. His statement raises a lot of questions.

  6. BobS
    BobS at |

    Umm, trained geese? 😉

  7. Richard
    Richard at |

    Barrett M82 .50 cal sniper rifle fired from a police helicopter.

    It’s not going to take down an airliner but would be handy against barbie jet and smaller targets.