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  1. deltagoldflyer
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    Not a problem. I would much much much rather go sit in the skyclub or be at a nice hotel than stuck forever on a non-flying tin can! I can wait for the next bus.

  2. Bluedog
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    My SW flight (TUL-DAL) was cancelled yesterday just 20 min before takeoff as well as my eventual seat mate from MCO (we both got rerouted to HOU). What a long day. Added 4 hrs. And no vouchers though I am petitioning SW.

  3. NB
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    It’s pretty obvious that, if the Government says to airlines that it will fine them large sums of money unless they cancel flights, the airlines will choose to cancel flights.

    Badly thought through laws create problems – always.

  4. GAO says 3-hour tarmac rule is causing more flight cancellations - FlyerTalk Forums

    […] went into effect, whereas the simple result indicated only a 13 percent increase in those odds. More analysis of the report here. Original report here. __________________ Wandering Aramean | Twitter | Lounge Guide | Travel […]

  5. AS
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    The airline industry complains about this but has yet to propose an alternative solution that avoids the problem: airlines allowed people to get stuck on planes and treat them with indifference. They had over 10 years to come up with any self-regulated solution and failed to take the problem seriously let alone take meaningful action to address it.

    The government acted and solved the problem. You may not like the rule or any side effects, even though the side-effect is overblown by almost all travel pundits and bloggers, but the fundamental problem was solved.