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  1. SCL
    SCL at |

    “it is possible to tax a product out of existence.”

    Um, no, what you’re seeing is the result of inconsistent tax policy across borders and arbitrage. If both sides of the Irish border had the same taxes THEN you could point to the drop in passenger numbers as the result of taxation.

  2. chemist661
    chemist661 at |

    On my last trip to London, I flew into London and out of BRU. Since I wanted to see BRU anyway, the savings in APD was used to buy the o/w Chunnel ticket London-Brussels, food/drink in Brussels, hotel night & transportation & some nice chocolates (Neuman’s) for my wife.

  3. Levi Flight
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    I do not believe that the APD is being used for carbon offsets, which they should. I read an article somewhere recently that the funds were being used to prop up the UK finances which got hammered in the fall out from bailing out their banks (cant put my hands on it, sorry). There may be additional costs for carbon offsets coming.