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  1. Carsten Varming
    Carsten Varming at |

    It sounds like you can use the stickers that http://www.trackitback.com offers. They are a little expensive but if you play Grand Slam with US Airways you get a hit from this partner.

  2. Steve K
    Steve K at |

    I second the trackitback comment. I have a sticker on my Bose and a colleague asked me about it. About a month later he commented as to how he had put it on his Kindle and then left it in a seat pocket on the second trip with it. Got a call the same day and reunited with it a few days later.

    I have their stickers on headphone and Kindle and their bag tags on luggage for when I check stuff.

  3. bk3day
    bk3day at |

    Glad you got your stuff back.

    Sad to admit that in 2011,I’ve TWICE left my laptop on planes. Both times on UA flights to SFO.

    Happy to report in both instances, my laptop was return in amazingly quick fashion. In fact, I need to go write my compliments to UA for their stellar Lost & Found staff

  4. Phudnik
    Phudnik at |

    Good to hear.

    Occasionally one gets lucky. I left my iPod on a US Airways plane once and someone who worked at PHL tracked me down and arranged to get it to me. (Perhaps it helped that the iPod is about six years old, but I was grateful nonetheless and wrote a snail-mail letter to US saying as much.)

  5. Will
    Will at |

    I left the iPad on the CO plane in BOS. I didn’t even know it until I had collected baggage, and was on the rental car bus, the call came in. 20 minutes later – the gate agent met me curbside in my rental car.

    These are the reasons that I wish CO would issue the “awards” to their elites so that they could recognize such efforts on the spot.

  6. Abhi29
    Abhi29 at |

    Lost my iPad on Continental flight from Chicago to SFO, reached back airport but nothing yielded, been patiently trying to reach the airport call centres since past 2 days, but they dont even give me a complaint/case tracking number..i had mobile me on, but since it was wifi, i hvae not been able to track it on icloud. i also have UDID and Serial number but not sure if it can help me get my ipad back.