Checking in: TianAn Rega Hotel, Beijing

The range of hotel options available in Beijing is tremendously broad. From dirt cheap rooms with no windows to grand luxury with a few more zeroes on the nightly rate, anything can be had. As I researched options for my stay I was reasonably certain of the neighborhood I wanted to be in – near Tiananmen Square and Wangfujing – and I knew that, as usual, I wasn’t going to be shelling out the big bucks for the luxury experience. I was also, however, a bit suspect of the cheapest properties. When their biggest selling point in the customer reviews is that the front desk does a pretty good job of keeping the hookers out at night so they cannot solicit you in your room that’s not necessarily the level of accommodation I’m looking for.

I ended up at the Starway Premier TianAn Rega hotel. The rate was pretty reasonable (~$75/night, all in) and the location was perfect. It was a block north of the main drag and directly between the Tiananmen East and Wangfujing stations on the Beijing Metro. And there was no indication that there was even a risk of having prostitutes roaming the halls looking for business.


Arrival was smooth and the folks at the front desk spoke enough English that I was able to get the small bits of information I needed from them without issue. They claimed that I was upgraded into a better room, though I’m not so sure what that meant as it looked a lot like what I booked, but sure. And the room was pretty nice.


Free wired internet in the room and free bottled water, too. The mini-bar had a few options, though I never felt compelled to give that a go; there were bodegas downstairs with cheap beer if desired.


The only notable complaint about the room was the noise from the street that filtered up. Despite two sets of windows in between inside and out I was definitely hearing the cars and trucks rolling by at night. And since the hotel faces a relatively large street there was plenty of traffic. Not a huge deal as I travel with ear plugs but it was a bit annoying. I’m also not sure what the net effect of that would be on insulating the room at either the hot or cold seasonal extremes.

Oh, and only a stand-up shower with a translucent divider between the shower and the bedroom. Perhaps a bit awkward if sharing and not particularly close to your roommate but, again, not the end of the world.

At the price point the room was definitely a good deal, especially for the location. I’d have no hesitations about booking again. It is also right across the street from a Days Inn which is a bit more recessed from the road and might lose some of the noise issues, though I wasn’t in one of those rooms so I cannot say for certain.

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Seth Miller

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  1. So glad I discovered your site. I am currently in the early planning phase of a trip to China. I will follow your progress with great interest. Appears you are currently in China perhaps blogging on the go? A solo indepentendent treveler? Safe travels and enjoy the adventure!

    1. I’m back in the USA now, Bruce, but still dribbling out posts from that crazy week. I’ve probably got a half dozen more to write; there was just so much going on in so many places.

      And I’m only a solo traveler when the wife doesn’t come along. It does change the experience a bit, though I do love both styles.

  2. Thanks for the response. I look forward to your future “dribbles” about your China outing. I might contact you with a few questions at some point if that would be Ok – meanwhile, thanks again.

    1. Well, Travis, that would be a different type of trip.

      Ask away, Bruce. Always happy to offer up answers if I’ve got ’em. And I might just make something up if I don’t.

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