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  1. Phil
    Phil at |

    completely agree. the service sucks and is very expensive. once the novelty wears off hard to see they make much money on this

  2. Lark
    Lark at |

    I used gogo on recent flights and was actually impressed with the speed. It is A LOT faster than UA’s in flight internet… 🙂

    One gotcha you should warn people about: When you sign up and enter your CC number, you actually agree to monthly renewals of the service (even if you don’t want it!).

    So, if you don’t want the service (and the billing) to continue, make sure you cancel before your first month of service ends.

  3. Robert
    Robert at |

    Those numbers reflect the performance of a 56k bps modem. That should be fine for sending or receiving email without big attachments.

  4. Robert
    Robert at |

    On the other hand, the latency will limit upload & download performance, as the client will probably fill the TCP window before ACKs are received.

  5. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Maybe GoGo should switch to a usage-based system. It would make those who use the most bandwidth pay appropriately and those who only pull down a few emails (or, like you, essentially get no bandwidth) pay less.

    I used GoGo once on VX and it was barely usable.

  6. mark
    mark at |

    I love gogo and buy it every chance I can. I think it is definitely worth the money when they aren’t giving it away for free and slowing down the network.

  7. oliver2002
    oliver2002 at |

    I’m curious to see how this new generation on board internet will fare. Airlines are spending money to carry the equipment around and very few are willing to pay for the service. If those who pay for it on trunk routes like LA-NYC don’t get the service quality, it doesn’t bode well, especially since users will run bandwidth hogging office application or browse the net with it. Note that the ubercool 56kbps line yesteryear will choke on anything standard in webcontent today.

  8. Corey
    Corey at |

    I use gogo on my AA MD80s between RNO and DFW all the time. I’ve actually been able to video conference from my seat on that route.

  9. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    I think the only upside is that we know the speed will eventually improve.

  10. Lark
    Lark at |

    @ Seth – My statement (joke) about UA was more a comment on the fact that they don’t yet offer in flight internet access! I forgot about PS…

    I bought the monthly pass because I had 4 upcoming DL flights and there was a $10 off offer on the gogo log in page… I did shoot them a note about 3 weeks in to the month and they cancelled the recurring paymets.

    For what I did on my DL flights – basic stuff on the web and with e-mail – the speed was OK.

  11. Lark
    Lark at |

    @ Matthew – You can say that again!

    This is not a satellite intended for in flight internet, but it paints the picture of what we can (hopefully) expect:

    “This satellite is 10 times bigger in terms of capacity than the one we’re using now, and the one we’re using today was 10 times bigger capacity than the one we were using before that.”


  12. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    @Corey — “I’ve actually been able to video conference from my seat on that route.” — and everyone else on the flight got Seth’s 56k modem speed 😉

  13. monitor
    monitor at |

    The monthly subscription is worth it for me since I use it mostly on tourist heavy Florida flights where there are fewer customers for it and also on short connector flights to and from ATL where few want to pay to sign on and then need to sign off in about an hour. I would imagine that Transcons would be another whole ball of wax. I do have ATL-HNL later this month and will sure find out.

    For me, the speeds are adequate on my regular routes. I have even been able to get Sunday Ticket which ran not without some catch-up pauses but which, on balance, was watchable.

  14. geoff
    geoff at |

    I thought Gogo was like ExpertFlyer, does anyone really have their own account??

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