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  1. Darren
    Darren at |

    I don’t see United getting A380s either.

  2. dayone
    dayone at |

    I agree that the 747-81 would be a better choice, assuming that UA even has a need for a larger aircraft.

  3. alex
    alex at |

    Let’s face it… nobody “saw” AA ordering Airbus again anytime soon either. And yet, not only did they order from Airbus, Airbus ended up securing the lion’s share of the order.

    In my opinion it’s more a question of when, not if, UA orders the A380. They could use a handful for their Pacific routes, particularly as demand for air travel increases over the years. As air travel increases, the business case for the A380 just gets stronger. And let’s not forget the volatile fuel market.

    On another note…

    “but that doesn’t mean an order is coming any time soon.”

    In all fairness, nobody claimed such, not even Leahy who stated “I’m not saying there is an order soon” 🙂

  4. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    I’m not sure it makes sense for UA to get A380s though I can’t blame Airbus for trying to stoke the fire. It’s always been hard to imagine the 380 really fitting into any U.S. carrier’s plans. But I’m no industry expert so who knows. I’m just looking forward to my first 380 ride in March on QF.

  5. Derek
    Derek at |

    If US gets AA, then maybe there might be an option there since US is primarily Airbus and an A380 might, might make sense in limited cases…

    But you’re right. I don’t see United going that way.