Lounge hopping at the Chennai airport

With the city besieged by a tropical cyclone and some uncertainty about the drivability of the roads we set off early for the airport. The ride didn’t take too long, all things considered, despite the areas of ankle-deep standing water we encountered from time to time. With three hours in the airport prior to our departure, and only a small amount of that taken up figuring out how to get the appropriate credentials to get past the guards there was plenty of time for lounge hopping.

There are two lounges in the international terminal, both of which are accessible via the Priority Pass I received from my American Express Platinum card. The first, the Royal Lounge by Le Royal Meridien was lovely inside.

MAA_Royal (2)MAA_Royal (4)

Alas, they had no food available at that time and the host suggested we try the Clipper Lounge instead. So we did. Probably a mistake.

The Clipper Lounge is actually fine, though a bit darker and less welcoming than the Royal Lounge. It is also larger, however, so it does not surprise me that they wanted to shift the Priority Pass customers over here.

MAA_Clipper (1)MAA_Clipper (4)

The beer is cold, however, and served in the big bottles, which covers a large number of other issues.

MAA_Clipper (5)

More details on these and nearly 500 other lounges are available at the Wandering Aramean Travel Tools Lounge Guide.

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  1. There used to a 3rd lounge as well which also had a restaurant near / just past the security area. That was the only priority pass lounge, ? closed.

    1. I didn’t see that lounge, though I’ll admit I wasn’t looking. There was a lot of space between the immigration counters and the security line with shops and such. Fewer options after security. And, from what I saw on the Priority Pass website, those two are the only eligible lounges in the international terminal.

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