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  1. Fredd
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    Our party of five will be in India in a couple weeks, including our 21-year-old six-foot-tall blonde niece. Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. udita
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    yes, are we talking of the rural parts in india, indeed the flock follows the foreigners, of any colour. Indians are much curious to have a pictures with other country’s natives, for the heck of it and yes, want to feel like a movie star, come here, where the humility is beyond the understandable limits for the natives of other countries. The scenario in cities, isn’t shown here in the picture. The real picture of India, the whole of it, is yet to be posted.

  3. PanAm
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    That’s pretty neat. Last spring at ORD one time we were talking with some ladies from an African-American tour group who were just returning from China. They related that local youth often ran up to try and touch the heads of the boys in their group, fascinated at their hair.

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    […] Even with these two differences, the Shore Temple is an impressive site. And, along with the Five Rathas, it has entry controlled by the sale of tickets (Rs. 250, ~USD $5 for foreigners, Rs. 10 for Indians for both sites),which keeps the experience a bit more calm. That said, it can still get a bit crazy if you’re there with someone seen as a movie star. […]