Preview of the Delta/LaGuardia announcement

Delta has scheduled a big event to announce their plans for the new slots at LaGuardia now that the deal with US Airways is finalized. They’re expected to announce, among other things, many of the details for the routes they plan to serve with the new slots. Funny thing is, the information is already loaded in the timetable. So if you don’t want to wait for the press release, here are some of the new frequencies to look forward to:

  • LGA-DFW: 6x daily
  • LGA-MIA: 4x daily
  • LGA-BTV: 3x daily
  • LGA-GSO: 3x daily
  • LGA-ORF: 4x daily
  • LGA-RIC: 5x daily
  • LGA-BUF: 6x daily
  • LGA-ROC: 4x daily
  • LGA-SYR: 5x daily
  • LGA-MHT: 2x daily
  • LGA-SDF: 1x daily
  • LGA-DAY: 2x daily

The first two are going after American Airlines hubs and it will be interesting to see how that plays out. The Miami service will be on MD88s (useful for keeping the AA folks comfy, I suppose) while the DFW service will be on E70/E75s which is probably right for the market size but it may be hard to shed the "regional" stigma, even if it isn’t really so bad with a first class cabin and in-flight internet on those planes (both works in progress, but both happening). In related news, perhaps my theory that jetBlue should use all their LGA and DCA slots to attack American at DFW is looking like even less of a good idea.

There are a few other destinations also coming, including Wilmington, DENC (Damn, that was an awkward mistake), which adds that state back on to the Delta route map. Of interest on the ILM route is that they seem to think the LaGuardia flights are useful for international connections. Apparently they don’t hate the Van Wyck nearly as much as I do.

These numbers represent only about half of the frequencies that Delta acquired so there will certainly be more to come as things shake out.

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  1. While I don’t see much demand for Wilmington, DE (IAG) from New York…I do see it for Wilmington, NC (ILM)…

  2. Some of these routes (the upstate New York routes, the Virginia/Carolina routes) replace routes US used to fly. I know the ILM route was one of the last routes that US dropped before giving up on LGA entirely (other than their 20 flights a day to PHL, the CLT flights, and the shuttle).

  3. DFW / MIA are very useful additions. Let’s hope some other major cities pop up for business travelers who are looking for alternatives to UA/CO and AA.

    Denver? Houston? Raleigh? Kansas City?

    1. Denver is outside the perimeter range so I doubt that will be added any time soon. I definitely would expect RDU to be added. Going up against UA on the IAH route would be an interesting move. They could chose HOU instead, too.

  4. Building on what Phudnik was saying, I wonder how many of these routes will just be replacing service that US had.

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