Rocking out at JFK: Chris Isaak @ T5

It is always a bit strange to me when I grab my stuff and head out to the airport knowing that I won’t be boarding a flight that day. But every time JetBlue announces one of their “Live at T5 Concert Series” shows I check my calendar and se if I’m otherwise busy that day. The shows generally are awesome and so is the fun of sitting at the airport, making new friends and enjoying a free concert. And I must say that Chris Isaak put on a phenomenal performance.


He did one song as a sound check and then came out for a 35 minute set. There were a couple Christmas Carols mixed in, including the “political statement” Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Most of the songs, however were old standards and it was a lot of fun.

[youtube width=”398″ height=”224″]aSdXhbE8n4s

He also cracked a couple jokes at the TSA‘s expense, noting the difficulties he had getting through security in his sequined jacket.


Also in the play list were:

Great Balls of Fire

[youtube width=”398″ height=”224″]w8PB38nd2hc

Pretty Woman

[youtube width=”398″ height=”224″]FUUMePEVO8E

Can’t Help Falling in Love

[youtube width=”398″ height=”224″]WeebVDBECeM

Love it Up (I think that’s the title; the first 30 seconds have a shout-out to JetBlue and the TSA crack)

[youtube width=”398″ height=”224″]Pw1cyy4D5Uo

Wicked Game

[youtube width=”398″ height=”224″]Km9kYD_3EGQ

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