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  2. mark
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    Can you name the analyst or firm you sourced?

  3. Andrew
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    Can everyone who writes about American pleeeeease stop doing the “AA” in the middle of words thing (i.e. “bAAnkruptcy”)? We get it. American Airlines is abbreviated “AA.” The first time it was done years ago it was slightly clever to write “AAdmirals club AAngels” or something like that. But it’s possibly the most tired thing on the internet now. It’s not clever, it’s not funny, it’s just annoying.

    I’m certainly not singling this post out, because it’s done all over the place, but for the love of god, just stop.

    In terms of cutting routes, American certainly does need to walk a fine line between axing unprofitable routes and keeping an attractive enough of a route network to be appealing to travelers and businesses.

  4. The Travel Abstract
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    Cut the fat!

  5. Kris Ziel
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    They just added a fifth frequency on JFK-LHR, so it can’t be that bad.

  6. Prat
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    I think AA madea mistake in cutting ORD DEL. India USA India Europe is one of the most frequently travelled sectors by Indian flush with $ and a hunger for adventure.

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    They would never cut new york-London or the Transon. They are classic flights which are popular business routes. Other ones. Maybe.

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    I feel like a US merger where American bought out US could work. @Andrew cAAlm down.

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