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  1. Carl
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    Friedrichstrasse is a great area to stay in Berlin. The station itself has a bunch of grocery stores that stay open late, there are lots of restaurants and shopping nearby, you are close to a lot of the interesting stuff in Oranienburgerstr. as well as Unter den Linden and the Museuminsel.

    In the USA independent hotels can be unpredictable in quality but certainly in countries like Germany and Switzerland they are generally a much better value than the worldwide chains. However, sometimes if you are elite and get free breakfast, free internet, and maybe even free cocktails and appetizers from a lounge in the evening, that can balance out the extra cost of the chain.

  2. Carl
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    You got lucky with free internet. There are still hotels charging as much as 20 Euros for the Internet, and sometimes as much as 30 Euros/person for breakfast, and while I agree with you that eating outside the hotel is the way go to for lunch and dinner, a nice hotel breakfast buffet is a great way to start the day, and if it’s included it’s guilt-free!

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