In flight: Munich to Ljubljana on Adria Airways

The route network of Adria Airways is a bit limited, as is their overall fleet (13 planes, 10 of which are CRJ-200/900s), but when Ljubljana is your destination, as it was for me, they’re definitely the carrier of choice. OK, fine, the CRJ-200 is a pretty miserable experience, even with the friendly Adria flight crew, but the flight actually wasn’t bad at all.


Adria actually blocks the front few rows of the CRJ200 as “Business Class” though the offerings aren’t particularly impressive. I was flying in economy and, other than no mini bottle of water prior to departure, I think the service was pretty much the same. I was fortunate to have an empty seat next to me so I was relatively comfortable for the flight.


The trip from Munich to Ljubljana is a quick one, only about 35 minutes in the air, so no service during the flight though I didn’t mind much. I was rather distracted by the beautiful views out the window. I love flying over snow-capped mountains.


The approach into Ljubljana was similarly beautiful, particularly with the mountains off to the side behind the airport. It makes for quite a first impression getting off the plane.

The flight was quick and pleasant. No service to speak of but really not an issue for 30 minutes in the air. And given their awesome connectivity in the region I can see flying Adria more often if in the area again. And, given how beautiful Ljubljana is, I hope to be back in the region sooner than not.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Beautiful scenery on that short flight. I’d never even heard of Ljubljana before but will have to put it on my list after your trip report.

    I like the little slogan on their headrest covers “Relax and Let Your Worries Slip Away”

    1. I didn’t even notice that on the headrests while I was on the plane, but I love it.

      And I had a blast in Ljubljana, even with the cold and my short stay. I’d say it is good for 2-3 days, tops, in most cases.

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