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  1. John Samek
    John Samek at |

    You mention business class seats will be harder to get with upgrades. What upgrades?? Delta’s horrible SWU’s that are basically useless?

  2. C
    C at |

    though DL does regularly fill the planes to Asia

  3. MileCardInsider
    MileCardInsider at |

    Pray that the economy slim line seats aren’t the ironing board style Lufthansa uses on those intra-Europe flights.

  4. NYBanker
    NYBanker at |

    DL will now have five different varieties of longhaul J seats (though two are being phased out). They have this, the staggered seats on the 767-400s, the herringbone on the 777-200LRs, the old DL BE cradles on 767-300s and the old nw cradles on some A330s. Nuts.

  5. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    “It is somewhat strange, however, that the company is claiming the seats’ 20.5″ width is 20% more than the old seats. That suggests the old seats are 17″ wide, which is definitely not the case, or there is some other creative math going on. The other significant downgrade…” I’m not following the first part of this. When you say “The other significant downgrade” it implies that you already listed another significant downgrade that will result from the cabin re-fit…but I don’t see any downgrades listed before you mention the reduction in total number of seats in the cabin. I believe the current BizElite seats are 20″ wide, so while going to 20.5″ isn’t a huge increase, it’s certainly not a downgrade, if that’s what you were trying to imply.

  6. Lack
    Lack at |

    Lufthansa actually installed the seats to decrease the pitch and fit in more seats on their planes. More “living space” is just the marketing spin they used.

  7. Craig New York
    Craig New York at |

    Regarding your comment, that you can’t imagine Delta’s claim that the new seats are 20% wider, here’s the explanation.

    The seat actually has two widths. One is the width while you are sitting down, which is measured arm rest to arm rest. That width is 20.5 inches. The wider width comes when you lie flat in the sleep position. The width is now measured without including the arm rests, and this width is 28 inches.

    If you go to the link to Zodiac Aerospace in your post, you will see all this. Perhaps you missed it. Anyway, I would gladly take these seats over the existing J seats. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.