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  1. Robert F
    Robert F at |

    Bookmarked! This is a thorough and well written guide. It is timely and very much appreciated. For dummies like me, it might be worth noting that using Greasemonkey scripts requires that the installation of Greasemonkey. Here’s where I got it for Firefox:

  2. cruisr
    cruisr at |

    Great tool. If UA/CO would only not have all the upgrade buckets at 0 I would be happy. Every time I search for something and check the fare classes all I see are R, RN, etc as 0 availability.

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  4. PeppermintPattie
    PeppermintPattie at |

    I’m confused. Re. UA fare buckets: which one of these allows a platinum to upgrade to next level without using miles:
    R/RN; PN; JN.
    I don’t understand the relevance of the fare codes: when I search without specifying codes, I get cheaper fares plus noted upgrades (R/RN).
    I have loaded all your scripts & they are lovely.
    Many thanks.

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  7. Brian
    Brian at |

    I used this excellent script to book couple of fights — now that i’m planning summer 2013 holidays again I’ve reloaded the script but the fare buckets are no longer being shown — am I missing something or has dot-Bomb some how blocked this brilliant script?

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