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  1. Mommy Points
    Mommy Points at |

    Now if airlines will just create a child-friendly section as a compliment to the “no child” section, I would totally sit there. Crayons, juice boxes, kid snacks and food, kid movies, etc. (the stuff you bring yourself now) I’m in.

  2. LarryInNYC
    LarryInNYC at |

    Yes, I would also like to see a family cabin on aircraft. Beyond things like toys, etc, that could be implemented aircraft wide I’d like to see seats-facing-seats (so you don’t have to worry about your kids kicking the seat in front of you), smaller sized seats for children (with a possible discount if they can fit more seats), seats that more completely “combine” by storing the arm rest out of the way, car set attachments, better changing facilities, and possibly some noise separation.

  3. Stacey @VeryGoodPoints
    Stacey @VeryGoodPoints at |

    I think it’s great. Nothing worse than crying kids on a 19/20 hour flight. @Mommy Points – Asiana has very cool kids offerings, even clowns onboard! Though that might scare some kids.

  4. Jason
    Jason at |

    I agree, nothing worse than adults crying about kids on a long flight 🙂

  5. aeronathan
    aeronathan at |

    After the little turd sitting behind us in first class on the way back from the Dominican Republic a couple weeks ago I’m all for it.

    I can forgive a crying baby because, well, it’s a baby. They just don’t know any better and sometimes there’s no way to prevent them from crying.

    I can’t, however forgive your obnoxious 9 year old who won’t shut up and quit making a nuisance of himself. By the time your kid is 9 he should know the times to sit down and shut up and not to irritate the random people around him.

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